Monday, August 26, 2013

Patch 5.4 (September 10th, 2013)

With 5.4 coming soon, I figured I would take some time to comment on the possible upcoming changes to the lovely paladin class.  Remember this is my opinion on the changes, and I am a protection paladin with a retribution off-spec.  I may not have everything correct with holy but if you want to correct me, I will gladly listen and make changes accordingly.

The basis of this is off the blizzard patch note page that was updated the 20th of August.

Sanctity of Battle now also affects the cool down of Holy Shock.
This is really helpful for holy paladins (further reference to holy paladins as shock-a-din or holydins), this allows them to stack haste to get faster casts on holy shocks.  Holy shock heals and deals damage, so being a shock-a-din is more relevant with this change.
Seal of Insight no longer has a chance to restore mana on attacks.
I will go on a limb and say, mana hasn't really been an issue.  Being a noob, I use to run with Seal of Truth for single target and I never experienced mana loss as an issue.  With that being said, this effects holydins the most with the loss of being able to melee bosses for mana.
Turn Evil now has a 15-second cool down.
"Lol" at this.  Turn Evil having no cool down was basically OP.  But there was no use for PVP since there wasn't too many things affected by this.  However with a change to turn evil, makes Turn Evil cast-able on Humans.. making this change extremely necessary.  Without the cool down, paladins can solo anything easily.
Mastery: Illuminated Healing no longer activates from periodic healing effects.
This is an obvious nerf to the holy paladin.  However, there aren't too many Heal over Time dependent paladins out there.  This did benefit some of the new spells that had come out for the paladin to compete with the druid and shaman. This hinders them but with  with the increase in Holy Shock, I feel that holy paladins will be just fine.

Divine Plea no longer reduces the amount of healing done, and now restores mana based on the Paladin's Spirit.
As stated above in the general paladin section, the hit to the Seal of Insight hurts the paladin.  However, with this change to divine plea, it increases the mana regen for the holy paladin.  The reduction to healing done hurt the paladin.  Removing it helps the over all healing of the pally, to make up for the loss from new Mastery: Illuminated.  Overall, I feel that this is the best change for the holydin.

Guardian of the Ancient Kings (Holy Version) now deals additional healing based on any heal cast by the Paladin for 15 seconds for the duration of the spell.  The Paladin also has 10% additional haste for the duration that the ability is active.
This is a huge buff for holydins.  With higher heals and critical heals, this additional healing from the ancient king is pivotal to a healers rotation. Also with the Sanctity of Battle buff the haste from the Ancient King makes the holy shocks even more powerful.

Holy Insight now increases the effectiveness of Eternal Flame, Light of Dawn, and Word of Glory by 50%. Effectiveness of other heals are still increased by 25%.
This is another buff for the holydin.  However it is only an increase of healing for the eternal flame, light of dawn and Word of Glory.  The rest is left alone at 25% which is still good. Which, correct me if I'm wrong is directly related to your teir 3 talents.

Holy Shock's mana cost has been reduced by 50%.
This is a beneficial change to a holydin since the Sanctity of Battle buff affects the holy shock.  This is huge,

Judgement for Holy Paladins now cost 12% of base mana to cast (up from 5% of base mana).
This is a little bit of a nerf, not sure how big of an impact this is going to be.  With the removal of mana regen from seal of insight,  I feel that it was an unnecessary change.  The Selfless Healer now grants holy power for the holy power with judgement.

Crusader Strike now applies a Weakened Blow effect to the target for Protection Paladins.
For anyone who is curious a weakened blow effect is an debuff that reduces the victim's attack power by 10%. This is helpful because before this, paladins didn't have any type of debuff to help with damage reduction.  This will stack up to 30% I believe.

Grand Crusader no longer has a chance to activate from Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous, but now has a 30% chance to activate when dodging or parrying a melee attack (up from 12%).
This is a partial nerf and a partial buff.  It is a nerf in the fact that most of the paladins in the game went nothing but haste to build Word of Glory's and try to get Grand Crusaders.  This is a buff because its makes dodging and parrying worth something again.  Do not worry boys and girls, haste is still the number one stat for paladins, but dodge and parry matter once again.

Guarded by the Light now restores 15% of the Paladin's maximum mana every 2 seconds (up from 6%).
Guarded by the Light is a very helpful for a protection paladin (further references will be prot pallys).  Increase total stamina by 25% and block chance by 10%, Reduces the chance you will be critically hit by melee attacks by 6%, word of glory is no longer on the GCD, your spell power is now equal to 50% of your attack power and now restores mana for 15% of your max mana from 6%.  Huge increase since they took away the seal of insight mana regen.

Guardian of the Ancient Kings (Retribution Version) now has a reduced cooldown of 3 minutes, down from 5 minutes, and the maximum number of stacks has been reduced to 12.
This is a buff with the cooldown being reduced.  However the number of stacks being reduced is a real killer for the dps that this thing puts out.  But with the 2 minute reduction, The retribution paladin (further references will be retadins or ret pallys) can cast this king a couple more times in a long battle. More than you could before.

Inquisition now lasts 20 seconds per charge of Holy Power consumed, up from 10 seconds.
Huge buff, the inquisition lasts longer, meaning less holy power consumed to keep this up.  Meaning more holy power for Templar's Verdict.  This is a really big retribution buff.

Burden of Guilt has been replaced with a new talent called Evil is a Point of View - Evil is a Point of View allows the paladin to use Turn Evil on players and beasts.
This is extremely useful in PVP, however a tad bit overpowered.  This is overpowered in my opinion because you are giving an already hard to kill class an ability that can alter an arena or PVP   There is a change that I had mentioned before that adds a cool down to Turn Evil.  But even with the cool down, the paladin will be superior in the arena.  This is also helpful when leveling.  You can fear around beasts if you get overrun.  Simple, helpful mechanic.

Eternal Flame's periodic heal-over-time effect now heals for 40% more.
This is a huge increase in the healing done of Eternal Flame.  With the change of the mastery illuminated healing no longer affected by hots, this increase in healing done for the Eternal Flame seems like a good counter.  Worth spec'ing in to and worth using on CD.

Execution Sentence will now immediately damage the target for 5 times the amount of damage that had been dealt by Execution Sentence's most recent periodic effect when dispelled.  Stay of Execution will now immediately heal the target for 5 times the amount of healing that had been dealt by Stay of Execution's most recent periodic effect when dispelled.
Instead of a delay with the healing/damage done from Execution Sentence, it happens immediately.  Seems like a huge buff in both healing and in damage.

Hand of Purity now reduces damage taken from harmful periodic effects by 80% (up from 70%) and reduces damage taken from harmful periodic effects that cannot be prevented by immunities by 40% (up from 0%).
This is helpful for all specs of the paladin class.  It reduces damage across the board by 10% and it also takes in effect the harmful periodic effects that cannot be prevented by immunities.  This is probably the biggest change to Hand of Purity, to help with survivability.

Sacred Shield: Holy - now applies its damage absorption shield immediately, can be active on more than one target at a time, but the talent now costs mana and has 3 charges with a 10-second recharge. Protection - 30% less effective.
The Sacred Shield for holy turned into the old Earth Shield from shamans.  It gives them a priest like bubble that absorbs damage, and it has 3 charges with a 10 second recharge.  The change is from absorbing damage every 6 seconds to being always active.  Also it can be cast on multiple targets unlike the shaman's earth shield.  This is a buff.  However, for prot pallys, its an obvious nerf.  30% less effective.

Sanctified Wrath: Holy - now also increases the critical strike chance of Holy Shock by 20%. Protection - now causes Judgement to generate 2 Holy Power instead of 1 while Avenging Wrath is active.
When Sanctified Wrath is active for the holy spec, Holy Shock's critical strike goes up 20%.  This is a buff, more holy shocks and for higher the amount healer and damage done. When Sanctified Wrath is active for the prot spec, Judgements generate 2 holy power. Buff.  More Holy Power equals more survivability.

Selfless Healer in addition to its current effects, now also causes judgement to generate a charge of Holy Power for Holy Paladins.  Stacks of Selfless Healer now reduce the cast time, mana cost, and improve the effectiveness of Divine Light, Flash of Light, and Holy Radiance. Bastion of Glory will now apply Selfless Healer's bonus to healing to the casting paladin as well as other targets and consume all stacks of Bastion of Glory in the process.
This saves the blizzard from the changes they made to seal of insight.  Taking away mana regen and increasing judgement costs? Selfless healer now has an answer for that.  Judgments now generate a charge of Holy Power for holydins.  It also reduces cast time, mana cost and improves effectiveness of key holy spells.  Bastion of Glory also will add stacks of selfless healer, but will consume all stacks of BoG in the process.

Unbreakable Spirit has been simplified. It now reduces the cooldown on Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and Lay on Hands by 50%.
This isn't a buff or a nerf, it just simplifies Unbreakable Spirit, reducing cooldowns of our bubbles by 50%.
(New majors)
Glyph of Divine Shield: Removing harmful effects with Divine Shield heals the Paladin for each effect removed. This heal cannot exceed a percentage of the Paladin's maximum health.
This is a fun little buff, healing the Paladin per harmful effect that is removed with buff.. It's helpful in raids and even more helpful in PVP. My only question is that is the healing a flat rate per effect or does it increase if the effect has a stackable counter.

Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice: Hand of Sacrifice no longer transfers damage taken by the target to the Paladin.
This is helpful when it comes to raid encounters, reducing damage taken of the target is helpful, not having to heal yourself afterwords is helpful as well.  This also applies well to PVP, arena, dungeons and other PVE encounters.

(Major Glyphs)
Glyph of Denounce now causes Holy Shock to reduce the cast time of the next Denounce by 0.5 seconds, and the effect can stack up to 3 times.
This is a sweet major that causes Holy Shocks to reduce the cast time of Denounce.  This can stack up to 3 times, which makes the Denounce cast time quicker.  This is helpful for the shockadins out there.  I am no expert but this sounds like a really good glyph to use.

Glyph of Divine Plea now reduces the amount of mana restored and cooldown of Divine Plea by 50%.
The glyph is mainly for the decreased cool down for the Divine Plea which is useful.  The reduction of the mana restored is nearly just a setback because of the change to Divine Plea in the first place.  The mana restored is based off the Paladin's max mana which is already a buff.  If you want more divine plea's, I would say go for this glyph.

Glyph of Holy Wrath now also allows Holy Wrath to stun Abberations.
This should have been done when Pandaria came out, this is helpful against Sha creatures.  Suggests a lot of sha creatures will be fought in the Siege.

Glyph of Immediate Truth now increase the instant damage done by Seal of Truth 40% (up from 30%).
This is a pure damage buff for ret pallys.  This is also a single target threat bonus for paladins, if they aren't using battle healer.

Glyph of Inquisition has been redesigned.  The glyph now increases the duration of Inquisition by 30 seconds (up to a maximum of 2 minutes) each time the Paladin lands a killing blow on targets that yield experience or honor.
This is huge, this way a paladin doesn't have to keep using holy power every time Inquisition wears off, every 30 seconds or so.  This way if the pally gets the killing blow, it stays with him for 30 more seconds. Win in my book for ret pallys in  PVP and in PVE.

Glyph of Rebuke has been replaced with Glyph of Devotion Aura. Glyph of Devotion Aura causes Devotion Aura to no longer affect party or raid members, but the cool down is reduced.
This is just another cool down for the pally.  The cool down reduction is nice, but I personally like Devotion Aura as a raid wide damage reduction.

Glyph of the Alabaster Shield now increases damage for the next Shield of Righteous by 10% per stack (down from 20% per stack).
This is a damage reduction for the pally, but the shield's damage reduction is the same, still worth grabbing as a prot pally in PVE and in PVP.

Glyph of the Battle Healer has been redesigned. The glyph now causes Seal of Insight to no longer heal the Paladin.  Instead, a nearby raid or party member will receive healing for 30% of the amount the Paladin would have received from Seal of Insight.
I am still on the fence about this one.  This is a buff in terms of a raid or PVP where healing others is why battle healer was put into place.  The part that I do not like is that it no longer heals the paladin, which is what seal most paladins use to farm or do dailies. It would change the way I do dailies but I can see where it is good for the betterment of the raid.  30% of what it would normally heal the paladin would suggest the more hit points the paladin has the more healing it does.

Glyph of Turn Evil has been replaced with Glyph of Burden of Guilt.  Glyph of Burden of Guilt causes Judgement to reduce the targets movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.
This is a PVP glyph, this reduces the movement speed by 50%.  This is helpful for ret pallys to ensnare their victims.  This has no effect in raids, and also a bit of an advantage in other PVE fights.

(New Minor Glyphs)
Glyph of the Exorcist: Exorcism will now appear to remove the evil from its target.
This is cosmetic, and it seems pretty awesome to remove evil from a target.

Glyph of Pillar of Light: Critical heals on other players display a small pillar of light at their location briefly.
This is also cosmetic, makes it known who the pally is healing with a big critical effects.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Lightbringer Set

This is my new xmog set. It's suppose to represent an uther lightbringer set without actually being his set..

I got this set from regular burning crusade dungeons, and it took me a couple days to get all the pieces.

I took my talents to south beach.. Well the equivalent being the blasted lands in the southern part of eastern kingdom.  From the dark portal, my journey took me to HellfirePeninsula and lead me straight for the Hellfire Ramparts. 

The Light-touched Breastplate
The item that I needed from here drops off the Watchkeeper Gargolmar.  He is the first boss in the ramps.. And pretty much the easiest boss too. During content, it was recommended that the dps kill the healers that accompany the Watchkeeper, and to interrupt all out going heals to the boss.  Usually you would know when a heal was coming because Gargolmar would bark at them, yelling for heals.  However, being 30 levels away from content, my pally just smacked him a couple times and he gave me loot.  This boss took 3 attempts to drop the chest piece and than I was on my way.

After the Ramparts I travelled to the ever so damp Zangermarsh and than down the sewer pipe to the Coilfang Reservoir. My first stop was the Slave Pens.

The Azureplate Greaves
This item drops off the slave pens headliner boss, Quagmirran.  It is quite an adventure getting to the end of the instance, but after killing a couple naga I found him.  The strategy for killing Quagmirran was a rather simple task.  The tank would tank him facing away from the group.  Most takes took him  to the wall next to the water.  The trick was to keep up with the nature resistance and burn him down.  The naturalist boon from the caged ally helped with this nature resistance.  But like I said, I was a few levels out of content, so a couple smacks was all it took to take him down. I received my legs on the first attempt. I was extremely happy because this never happens to me!

Next stop is the Underbog because it's right there.

The Truth Bearer Shoulderguards
This item drops off the third boss in the underbog, Swamplord Musel'ek.  Getting to him was difficult, having to fight off naga and swamp beasts, fighting a giant boglord and then a hydra creature, jumping into hole in a wall and then fighting off a million bees and other bugs.
The normal strategy for this was to have the tank tank both him and his bear companion. Self heals and avoidance was very helpful because if the healer got trapped it would hurt the group.  Kill his bear companion first, because at 30% he turns back to his true form, which is a Druid of the cenarian expedition and he is an ally, and then kill him.  Now a days it's just a easy.  It took my 8 kills to get the shoulders.

Then I made the mistake of travelling to the Auchidoun area in Terrokar.

Faith Bearer's Gauntlets
I made my way all the way down to Terrokar before I realized that one of my other pieces I needed was also in the Underbog and it was on a boss that I was skipping. DOH! But I was already there so I went into the Mana Tombs to retrieve the piece I needed.  The boss that drops this is Pandemonius.  Back in the day, you needed your tank to tank this guy up against the wall.  His knock back was brutal and without that your tank would be flying all over the place.  Also needed shadow resistance and a good burst to get him down before he takes over.  Just a couple whacks from my hammer was all that it took though.  I got the gloves after my third attempt.

Time to back track back to the Underbog.

Studded Girdle of Virtue
This is the second boss in the Underbog, the hydra looking beast that I had mentioned before.  I had skipped this boss 7 times to get the shoulders off the next boss.  Ghaz'an is pretty much like Quagmirran, where you have to tank him up against something and away from the group.  He has a volley of poison that he spits out at the tank.  This one needs some nature resist and just a good burn.  Other than all that he is a tank and spank.  It took me 9 trips to get the belt.  so a subtotal of 16 times in the Underbog.  On a positive though, I am almost exalted with the Sporeggar now.

Time for the Caverns of Time, obvious pun intended.

Uther's Ceremonial Warboots
Down in the caverns of time there are a few dungeons and a few raids.  Two of the dungeons down there, Old Hillsbrad Foothills and the Black Morass, are the burning crusade dungeons associated with the CoT.  Lieutenant Drake is the first boss in the Old Hillsbrad Foothills in the Escape from Durnholde event.  He also drops the boots.  In the past the way to defeat him was to have everyone spread out and definitely away from the boss because he has a whirlwind attack.  He also randomly targets a ranged character and hits them with exploding shot.  He also has warrior-esk attacks that he will hit the tank with.  Other than that, the fight is really simple just stay out of things and heal up the damaged.  It took me 9 times to get the boots off this boss.

Hope Bearer Helm
I didn't personally get this helm because I didn't like the way that it looked.  But for those of you who want to complete the non-achievable dungeon 1 set of the paladin, here is the guide for you.  It drops off Shirrak the Dead Watcher in Auchenai Crypts. He is the first boss in here.  He drops a pool on the ground that does an AoE damage to everyone, move away from that. He also applies a debuff to DPS and healers that decrease their heals/damage done.  Now a days its a simple fight, but before everyone needed to be on their to

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Twisted Adventures

So for all those who have read my blogs,  You may know that I am a vivid mage player.  I will, however, still be in love with the mage and continue to play one from time to time, but there has been a shift in focus in my life in the World of Warcraft.

Guild member, and really close friend, decided to change our fates and move to a new realm and change races.  After a short time to think about this, I agreed and we pushed forward with the change.

A little back story, I have been playing the game since Vanilla.  With a some minor breaks that I have taken, I have basically been playing the game for 6-7 years.  I needed a change.   This opportunity presented and I jumped on board.

Not only were we changing realms from Area 52 to Stormrage, we were changing from Horde to Alliance.  I know some people are going to be  up in arms with this change.  But I would like to remind them, that I am not making them change to alliance.  It is my toon.

With that being said, I would like to introduce my new main, Edwïn Vonwolful.. Us-stormrage Edwïn lvl 90 protection paladin.. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Racial balance

I felt like I was being biased on which race I was going to pick.. And technically I was.  So here is the other side of the racial discussion.

Other than the easier transmog, the perks of being a human are every man for himself, diplomacy, human spirit, mace and sword specialization.  Human spirit is 3% spirit, which is useless to us mages. Every man for himself is useful in pvp situations, and also some raiding mechanics to remove impairing effects.. Diplomacy is probably the most temping racial because of the increased reputation gain. Mace and sword Specialization grant 3% to expertise (hit for spell casters). 

When it comes to playing a mage, the specializations are useful but unless you get a sword and plan on keeping swords the entire time it may not be worth it.
The diplomacy is nice for rep grind, and every man for himself is good to use in pvp and arena situations.

The space goats, or at least is what I've called them since the release in BC, have a few interesting racials.  Gemcutting, the gift of naaru, heroic presence and shadow resistance.  Gem cutting grants 10 extra points in jc.  This racial is good for leveling and maintaining jc but not beneficial to leveling or playing a specific class like a mage.  Gift of the Naaru is a very helpful survivability ability.  It grants 20% healing over 15 secs. Heroic presence is 1% hit to casters and melee hits.  Shadow resistance is what it says with the bonus shadow resistance.

When it comes to playing a mage, the gemcutting bonus is nice only if you are a jc.  The gift of Naaru is great in pvp and pve situations, anywhere where you take damage really.  The heroic presence is the key to happiness as a Draenei.. This means more reforges into other beneficial stats after you reach hit cap. And the shadow resistance is nice but not really worth aiming for. 

There are a few racials here: explorer, crack shot, mace specialization, frost resistance, and stoneform.  Explorer is an archeology ability, allowing dwarves to find more fragments at each dig and also helps with finding spots faster than regular archeologists.  Frost resistance is what it's is, more resistances to frost.  Crackshot adds 1% expertise to ranged weapons. Mace specialization adds 3% expertise for 1h and 2h maces. Stoneform removes all damaging dots and reduces damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. 

For mages, crackshot and mace specialization does not apply.  The archeology buff helps if you are into archeology, but doesn't give anything special when it comes to raiding. Stoneform is a pretty sweet ability. It is taken from heritage of the dwarfs and their ancestors, the stone dwarfs.  This ability is useful in pvp situations and some damage taking portions of raids.

Here are the gnome racials: arcane resistances, short weapon specialization, engineering specialization, escape artist and expansive mind. Arcane resistance is what it is. Resistances to harmful arcane spells.  Short weapon specialization is 3% expertise to daggers and 1h swords. Engineering specialization adds 15 to engineering.  Escape artist allows user to escape from any immobilizing or slowing effects. Expansive mind increases the mana pool by 15%. 

For mages, the expansive mind is the only thing that is beneficial raiding wise that gnomes have to offer, and it is pretty much one of the best racials out there.  Which mage wouldn't want more a
Bigger mana pool?  The engineering specialization is good for engineers out there.  The short sword specialization is good for casters if they plan on keeping swords or daggers as their main hand weapon.  The 3% expertise translates to hit and its very helpful for reforging into helpful stats. Escape artist is good for survivability in pvp, and a few spots in pve but pvp mainly.

Night elf
Night elf racials are as the following: shadow meld, wisp spirit, quickness, nature resistances. Shadow meld is fun.  This is like a rogues stealth but available to all nightelfs.  Wisp spirit changes your ghost form into a wisp and you also have a 25% increase in run speed. Nature resistance is what it is, resistances to all nature spells.  Quickness is a chance that all attacks (range or melee) have a 2% chance to miss against you. 

For mages, the only one useful is the quickness ability when it comes to pvp. The shadow meld is also fun, but can really be beneficial in the pvp aspect of the game.. Wisp spirit is fun but no real benefit in pvp or pve.

The racials for worgen are as the following: aberration, darkflight, enable human/worgen form, flayer, running wild, two forms, and viciousness.  Aberration is the increase of shadow and nature resistances. Darkflight, when activated, increases run speed by 40% for 10 seconds.  Enable alter form, allows user to swap between worgen and human form.  Flayer increases skinning skill by 15 and increases skinning speed. Running wild drops user down to all fours and runs like a wolf. Two forms correlates with enable alternate forms. This ability allows you to switch between wolf and human.  Viciousness increases critical strike by 1%.

For mages, the only ability here worth noting is viciousness.  The 1% crit is very powerful.  Fire mages would enjoy this very very much. Frost mages enjoy this as well with their quest to get 23% crit for critical icelances.  The other abilities such as aberration and darkflight are survivability abilities, especially in pvp.  The alternating of forms is fun but useless in my opinion. Flayer is good for skinners and running wild is just for looks.

All in all the two best pve races for mages in my opinion are gnomes and worgens.  You cannot argue with the mana pool increase or the critical strike.  Dwarf and nightelfs are very powerful pvpers and humans are good for rep grinds and transmog.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blood Elf wins.

So, I picked blood elf.  Transmogging a blood elf would be the easiest of all the other races.  Novelty wins over anything.

1-10 Eversong Woods
The bloodelf area is probably my most favorite place to level.  The quests are grouped together in specific areas and run time between each is very minimal.  Without heirlooms, this is probably the best non-race specific area to level a toon.  

What I enjoyed about my experience of re-doing these quests is that the number of quests and some of the story lines had changed from when I first experienced Eversong back in Burning Crusade.  Never a dull moment in the Eastern Kingdom.

Off to Ghostlands I go!

A racial discussion

I am going to be blunt and say that a mage is the only class that I will be playing for this adventure.  The only thing I am missing now is the race.

Pandaren, Goblin, Orc, Troll, Bloodelf, or Undead.. 

Each having a very important role with my decision:

The troll is a very interesting race.. The berserking racial is really helpful for frost mages because of the high about of attack speed.. Frost mages really love haste.. So this is a no brainer.. For fire.. Haste is good but if its between breakpoints, then extra haste is only considered a minor increase in dps.

Orc is also a fun one since before cataclysm.. Orcs couldn't be mages.. The racial for blood rage is pretty good for an increase in spell power which is great for all 3 spell classes.. But only increases damage a little bit.

The static haste is really nice.. Especially if you are frost... Static haste also helps fire mages a lot too because it helps with achieving breakpoints for living bomb and combustion.. How does it help? Well you don't have to reforge much in to haste because its already there meaning you can get more crit from reforges.. Crit is yummy.

Awesome spell casting and great character model.. However the racial is really geared towards pvp and I am not much of a pvper.. The will of forsaken is a great way to maximize survivability.

Again, the bloodelf has awesome spell casting and also has a great character model especially when it comes to transmog.. The racial here is more points In enchanting and also silence.. Which is good for crowd control and pvp.

A lovely new race with endless possibilities with lore.. But the racials include double stats from food, cooking increase more points.. Half damage from falling and bonus exp.. Quaking palm is the only racial worth mentioning in a end game sense and that is just a pvp talent.

So the options are in front of me but what do should I decide..

A New Home

Hello and welcome to Rush and Doxxz's Wild Adventure.  I would like to thank you for stopping by.  First and for most, this is a simple World of Warcraft blog.  This is not a how to guide, or a look how awesome I am guide, because surely we are not.  This is basically a log of our lives within the World of Warcraft.

Who are you guys?

For some back story, Doxxz and I have raiding toons on Area 52.  Area 52 is a huge horde raiding server.  It is so huge, that you can find a pug that will clear 12/12 and maybe even 1 or 2 heroic bosses too.  The server is obviously a high pop server, and if you need anything, you are sure to find it.

You can find us at Doxxz @ Area52 and Rüsh @ Area52 ( alt code + 0252 )

So why the new home?

Well that is a tough question to answer.  It is not because I am unhappy with the way things are progressing on Area 52.  It's just the size of Area 52 can be overwhelming.  There are people who are on that server who are great, but there are a lot of people on that server who belong on a reddit forum board, if they dont already.

For the majority of my WoW career, I followed Doxxz's guild changes and server changes.  I felt that it was finally my time to make the decisions.  I found a guild on twitter that would be more than welcoming for us.  I talked with the GM a few times and now I am on that realm, with a newbie.

And without further ado, My journey starts here (without heirlooms... eek).