Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Lightbringer Set

This is my new xmog set. It's suppose to represent an uther lightbringer set without actually being his set..

I got this set from regular burning crusade dungeons, and it took me a couple days to get all the pieces.

I took my talents to south beach.. Well the equivalent being the blasted lands in the southern part of eastern kingdom.  From the dark portal, my journey took me to HellfirePeninsula and lead me straight for the Hellfire Ramparts. 

The Light-touched Breastplate
The item that I needed from here drops off the Watchkeeper Gargolmar.  He is the first boss in the ramps.. And pretty much the easiest boss too. During content, it was recommended that the dps kill the healers that accompany the Watchkeeper, and to interrupt all out going heals to the boss.  Usually you would know when a heal was coming because Gargolmar would bark at them, yelling for heals.  However, being 30 levels away from content, my pally just smacked him a couple times and he gave me loot.  This boss took 3 attempts to drop the chest piece and than I was on my way.

After the Ramparts I travelled to the ever so damp Zangermarsh and than down the sewer pipe to the Coilfang Reservoir. My first stop was the Slave Pens.

The Azureplate Greaves
This item drops off the slave pens headliner boss, Quagmirran.  It is quite an adventure getting to the end of the instance, but after killing a couple naga I found him.  The strategy for killing Quagmirran was a rather simple task.  The tank would tank him facing away from the group.  Most takes took him  to the wall next to the water.  The trick was to keep up with the nature resistance and burn him down.  The naturalist boon from the caged ally helped with this nature resistance.  But like I said, I was a few levels out of content, so a couple smacks was all it took to take him down. I received my legs on the first attempt. I was extremely happy because this never happens to me!

Next stop is the Underbog because it's right there.

The Truth Bearer Shoulderguards
This item drops off the third boss in the underbog, Swamplord Musel'ek.  Getting to him was difficult, having to fight off naga and swamp beasts, fighting a giant boglord and then a hydra creature, jumping into hole in a wall and then fighting off a million bees and other bugs.
The normal strategy for this was to have the tank tank both him and his bear companion. Self heals and avoidance was very helpful because if the healer got trapped it would hurt the group.  Kill his bear companion first, because at 30% he turns back to his true form, which is a Druid of the cenarian expedition and he is an ally, and then kill him.  Now a days it's just a easy.  It took my 8 kills to get the shoulders.

Then I made the mistake of travelling to the Auchidoun area in Terrokar.

Faith Bearer's Gauntlets
I made my way all the way down to Terrokar before I realized that one of my other pieces I needed was also in the Underbog and it was on a boss that I was skipping. DOH! But I was already there so I went into the Mana Tombs to retrieve the piece I needed.  The boss that drops this is Pandemonius.  Back in the day, you needed your tank to tank this guy up against the wall.  His knock back was brutal and without that your tank would be flying all over the place.  Also needed shadow resistance and a good burst to get him down before he takes over.  Just a couple whacks from my hammer was all that it took though.  I got the gloves after my third attempt.

Time to back track back to the Underbog.

Studded Girdle of Virtue
This is the second boss in the Underbog, the hydra looking beast that I had mentioned before.  I had skipped this boss 7 times to get the shoulders off the next boss.  Ghaz'an is pretty much like Quagmirran, where you have to tank him up against something and away from the group.  He has a volley of poison that he spits out at the tank.  This one needs some nature resist and just a good burn.  Other than all that he is a tank and spank.  It took me 9 trips to get the belt.  so a subtotal of 16 times in the Underbog.  On a positive though, I am almost exalted with the Sporeggar now.

Time for the Caverns of Time, obvious pun intended.

Uther's Ceremonial Warboots
Down in the caverns of time there are a few dungeons and a few raids.  Two of the dungeons down there, Old Hillsbrad Foothills and the Black Morass, are the burning crusade dungeons associated with the CoT.  Lieutenant Drake is the first boss in the Old Hillsbrad Foothills in the Escape from Durnholde event.  He also drops the boots.  In the past the way to defeat him was to have everyone spread out and definitely away from the boss because he has a whirlwind attack.  He also randomly targets a ranged character and hits them with exploding shot.  He also has warrior-esk attacks that he will hit the tank with.  Other than that, the fight is really simple just stay out of things and heal up the damaged.  It took me 9 times to get the boots off this boss.

Hope Bearer Helm
I didn't personally get this helm because I didn't like the way that it looked.  But for those of you who want to complete the non-achievable dungeon 1 set of the paladin, here is the guide for you.  It drops off Shirrak the Dead Watcher in Auchenai Crypts. He is the first boss in here.  He drops a pool on the ground that does an AoE damage to everyone, move away from that. He also applies a debuff to DPS and healers that decrease their heals/damage done.  Now a days its a simple fight, but before everyone needed to be on their to

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