Thursday, August 8, 2013

A racial discussion

I am going to be blunt and say that a mage is the only class that I will be playing for this adventure.  The only thing I am missing now is the race.

Pandaren, Goblin, Orc, Troll, Bloodelf, or Undead.. 

Each having a very important role with my decision:

The troll is a very interesting race.. The berserking racial is really helpful for frost mages because of the high about of attack speed.. Frost mages really love haste.. So this is a no brainer.. For fire.. Haste is good but if its between breakpoints, then extra haste is only considered a minor increase in dps.

Orc is also a fun one since before cataclysm.. Orcs couldn't be mages.. The racial for blood rage is pretty good for an increase in spell power which is great for all 3 spell classes.. But only increases damage a little bit.

The static haste is really nice.. Especially if you are frost... Static haste also helps fire mages a lot too because it helps with achieving breakpoints for living bomb and combustion.. How does it help? Well you don't have to reforge much in to haste because its already there meaning you can get more crit from reforges.. Crit is yummy.

Awesome spell casting and great character model.. However the racial is really geared towards pvp and I am not much of a pvper.. The will of forsaken is a great way to maximize survivability.

Again, the bloodelf has awesome spell casting and also has a great character model especially when it comes to transmog.. The racial here is more points In enchanting and also silence.. Which is good for crowd control and pvp.

A lovely new race with endless possibilities with lore.. But the racials include double stats from food, cooking increase more points.. Half damage from falling and bonus exp.. Quaking palm is the only racial worth mentioning in a end game sense and that is just a pvp talent.

So the options are in front of me but what do should I decide..

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